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Dark Enchantress Photoshoots

When women turn wicked and sexy turns sinful…don’t shy away from your devious side! Let shadows meet the light and conjure your fearless energy with our Dark Enchantress Black Rose Petal Photoshoots! 


Perfect for a thoughtful Halloween treat, or a daring, feminine moment—we’ll help you revel in your confidence and watch your inner boldness shine with these seductive, black rose petal boudoir shoots! 


 These sessions include:

•Black rose petals to lay on and cover your body

•An elegant, glamorous photo editing style to highlight your beauty and your boldness, and immerse you in a bed of black rose petals as far as the eye can see!


Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of coupon codes. Enter the code at checkout to receive $20 off (only applicable for the first 7 bookings)!


Package 1

6 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in photoshoot


Package 2

8 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in photoshoot


Package 3

10 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in photoshoot



  • 18+ only for this event
  • Your session will take place privately to ensure you feel comfortable, only you and the photographer will see what’s going on behind the scenes!
    • Please refrain from bringing any guests to these photoshoots. If you are uncomfortable or nervous, you may bring one friend for moral support!
    • Absolutely no children under 18 will be allowed at this event, and we would prefer no boyfriends/husbands, if possible
  • Additional hair and makeup packages are available to add on! 
    • Scroll below package pricing for details


  • We DO NOT supply an outfit, so please come ready to pose wearing your lingerie/outfit of choice, or in implied nude! 
    • Rose petals will be provided for body decoration
    • We recommend an implied nude style shoot if you’d like your photos to look as advertised, however, if you do not feel comfortable posing in implied nude, feel free to wear lingerie, pasties, a body suit, or any conservative-glam style that makes you feel beautiful!
    • If you wear lingerie, we recommend SOLID colors: avoid crazy patterns and designs!
      • Colors that look best: black, red, white, maroon


  • You may wear pasties, but this is not required and may look less realistic when edited out. We will cover all private areas with rose petals, or by posing you accordingly! Trust us to make these photos artistic and classy.
  • These sessions will be shot straight down and sitting 
  • You will be lying on a sheet on the ground, and this will be photoshop-edited to look like a full bed of rose petals (your entire background will be rose petals). We will also surround you and partially cover your body with black rose petals

Coupon Codes

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Orlando, FL use coupon code: NNORL

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