Meet the Team

Meet the Creators


Partners in life and in ambition, Hannah and Liv are a balanced yin and yang on a journey to inspire change and create a new culture of self love through photography and art.



Easygoing, driven, inventive, and personable—Hannah overflows with creative vision and intrinsic insight. Frequently underestimated after dropping out of high school, Hannah’s refined artistic eye and natural creative inclination drove her to defy expectations and achieve a future she defined for herself. With money she made waiting tables at small restaurants, she bought her first professional camera and began the humble beginning of the Wild Artistry brand, with little expectations outside of a hobby on the side. Hannah’s pure ambition and raw talent drove the business to where it is today, and her original photoshoot ideas, unique editing style, and easy charisma with clients shaped Wild Artistry’s notable reputation and continued success. This business was built from nothing, with help from no one, except the spark of a young artist who wanted to achieve something great in this world. 



Fiercely focused, empathetic, technical, and passionate, Liv doesn’t hesitate to push for what she believes in. With a steady streak of academic and professional excellence, Liv graduated at the top of her class in Biomedical Sciences. After her experience working in women’s health, she realized her passion for empowering others could bloom into other areas. Upon meeting Hannah, their vision for creating a community of love and self-acceptance through photography grew with impassioned ease. Liv’s love of art and overwhelming empathy encouraged her to empower both clients—through photographic experiences—and fellow artists—through working directly with Wild Artistry.


Separately, the business could not have flourished to what it is today. Liv’s intelligent mind and relentless drive combined with Hannah’s creative spirit and freeform ambition helped push Wild Artistry to what they’ve always envisioned—an inspired outlet for expression, embodiment, and empowered self love. 

Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Austin, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
St. Petersburg, FL; Sarasota, FL; New Port Richey, FL
Nashville, TN; Knoxville, TN; Johnson City, TN; Asheville, NC