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Elegant Equestrian Photoshoots

Nature lovers, boudoir bombshells, and down-to-earth damsels, join us in the forest for these sensual shoots! Your spirit is wild, your energy—untamed. Connect with your unbridled power and step into a soothing space with our Elegant Equestrian Photoshoots!


Whether a forest nymph swirling in sweet magic, or a temptress reveling in your native force, this serene environment will help unlock your inner expression. The power of a majestic horse by your side will connect you with the roots of your being.


These sessions include:

  • A gorgeous, live horse to pose with during your session
  • A glowing, natural photo editing style to accentuate your beauty, and highlight your serene setting


If you are interested in having access to all your unedited photos, receiving makeup & hair styling from our skilled artists, or opting in for a fashion consultation, make sure to check out our add-ons on the booking page!


Package 1

5 soft and simple edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in the photoshoot


Package 2

7 soft and simple edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in the photoshoot


  • 18+ only for this event
  • The color of the horse may vary. If you would like to know the color of your horse at your location, feel free to contact us before your shoot!
  • We do not supply an outfit, so please come ready to pose wearing your lingerie/outfit of choice!
    • Our two suggested aesthetic options:
      • Boudoir: Lingerie, bodysuits, kimonos/silky robes
      • Earthy-glam: Flowy or sheer dresses, billowy sleeves, peasant blouses, corsets, long skirts
    • We recommend solid-colored clothing and lingerie—avoid crazy patterns and designs!
    • Colors that look best: white, black, deep green, navy blue, burgundy, beige, mustard yellow


You will receive an email from us the Monday before your shoot that will include the address, details, reminders, and important info regarding your photoshoot. Please provide a valid email address upon booking!

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