Hannah Wild Photo Creation


For those who dip their toes in the whirlpool of irreality…

For those who dance in the peculiar and dream between the seams…

For those with visions beyond the boundaries of the everyday…

You’ve arrived where you’re supposed to be. 




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At the intersection of surrealism, sci-fi, nature, and imagination—meet Hannah Wild. 


What is Hannah Wild?

Hannah Wild is Wild Artistry Owner Hannah Davis’s unparalleled, personal custom photoshoot style—fusing digital art and photography with surrealist and expressionistic influence. Hannah strives to make these photo creations incredibly special—something fit for an art installation, or your favorite work hanging in your home. These packages differ from typical Wild Artistry custom photoshoots in perspective, capability, and final product. 


Why is it so special? 

Hannah is the sole photographer and editor designing and creating these rare art pieces. She will work with you one-on-one to capture your vision, pour over your photos piece by piece, and create a totally original, jaw-dropping work of art that will showcase you in all your rarity. Hannah Wild pieces are boundless in their possibility, and steeped with inspired, creative energy.


I love the style, but I’m not sure what I want. 

Maybe you’re fascinated by the Hannah Wild style, but aren’t sure what vision is best for you. That’s okay! Hannah is happy to discuss what draws you in, and dream up an otherworldly concept just for you. 


What are the prices?

These photo creations are exclusive, tailored to you, and absolutely unique. The sheer time spent, thought poured over, detail included, and love invested pushes these pieces into a higher price range. 

These experiences start at $500, but will fluctuate based on what your specific vision is, how long it takes to execute it, and how difficult it is to achieve. Your price will be decided on and given prior to the photo creation process. 

Let's talk!

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