Highlander Cow & Sunflower Photoshoots

Sunshine smiles, pastoral bliss, and adorable cows are coming your way! Bring your friends and family to cozy up to our lovable farmland friends at our Highlander Cow & Sunflower Photoshoots!


These photos are perfect for:

  • Family/Sibling Portraits
  • Solo Portraits
  • Couples Photos


These sessions include:

  • A friendly, lovable live Highlander cow dressed in a sunflower garland
  • Sunflower decorations and farm-like decor: sunflowers, floral pillows & blankets, and a watering can
  • Aesthetic-matching flower crowns for session use
  • A bright and cheerful editing style with golden sunflower borders


If you are interested in having access to all your unedited photos, or opting in for a fashion consultation, make sure to check out our add-ons on the booking page!




Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of coupon codes. Enter the code at checkout to receive $20 off (only applicable for the first 7 bookings)!


Package 1

5 high resolution edited photos with sunflowers

30 minute shoot time

Up to 4 people in photoshoot


Package 2

6 high resolution edited photos with sunflowers

30 minute shoot time

Up to 6 people in photoshoot


Package 3

7 high resolution edited photos with sunflowers

30 minute shoot time

Up to 7 people in photoshoot

Not ready to book just yet? No problem!

We understand that scheduling a session might not be in your immediate plans, and that’s perfectly fine!

We’d love to keep you in the loop about this event and also remind you closer to the event if we have spots left available. Simply click the link below to join our waitlist, and we’ll send you a friendly reminder a few weeks before the next photoshoot.

Important Note: While our waitlist is a great way to stay informed, we can’t guarantee immediate availability for upcoming photoshoots. These sessions tend to fill up quickly!

If you’re already feeling excited and ready to capture your memories, we highly recommend booking a session today to secure your spot. 



  • We will have a Highlander cow available to pose with during your shoot!
    • The color of the cow may vary.
  • We will provide lovely flower crowns available for use for all ages.
  • We do not supply an outfit, so please come outfit-ready!
    • We suggest sundresses or summery clothing for this photoshoot.
  • If you are bringing children to your shoot, please ensure they are comfortable and excited about interacting with a live cow!
    • We will not be able to provide a refund or reschedule if your child is uncomfortable with the cow.
    • We do everything in our power to encourage your little one to smile and giggle throughout the shoot, but if they are scared of the cow, the photos will not look as advertised.
    • However, we can accommodate by finishing the session further away from the cow if your child prefers!


You will receive an email from us the Monday before your shoot that will include the address, details, reminders, and important info regarding your photoshoot. Please provide a valid email address upon booking!


Coupon Codes

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Jacksonville (Green Cove) FL use coupon code COWJKS

Nashville (Waverly),  TN use coupon code COWNSV

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