Magical Christmas Photoshoots

Do you want to create a more meaningful, unique, and heartwarming Christmas memory to keep for years to come? We’re bringing a dazzling winter wonderland for you and your family to experience with our enchanting Magical Christmas Photoshoots!

These sessions include:

  • A magical, wintertime signature editing style to immerse your family in a personalized holiday theme of your choice and bring the Christmas spirit to life!
  • Christmas-themed props and decorations, such as Christmas mugs, cozy blankets and pillows, and aesthetic-matching books



  • Snow & Reindeer
  • Polar Bear Adventure
  • Magical Snowman
  • Christmas Town
  • Vintage Truck & Snow



We will email you the Monday before your photoshoot to ask for your theme(s), as well as provide location details and last minute reminders!

  1. We will provide a link with all the themes you can choose from, and ask for the theme/themes you chose! 
  2. Depending on the package you selected, you will either get to choose 1 theme, 2 themes, or 3 themes
  3. We ask that you please respond with the theme consistent with the amount that comes with your package!

Theme Example Photos:


See below for eligible locations and coupon codes. Enter code at checkout and 

you will receive $20 off if you are one of the first 7 bookings.

Denver, CO use coupon code: MCDNV

St. Petersburg, FL use coupon code: MCSTP

Orlando, FL use coupon code: MCORL

Jacksonville, FL use coupon code: MCJAX

Phoenix, AZ use coupon code: MCPH

Austin, TX use coupon code: MCATX

Knoxville, TN use coupon code: MCKNX

Asheville, NC use coupon code: MCAVL

Salt Lake City, UT use coupon code:MCSLC


Package 1

3 high resolution edited photos

Holiday props and decor

30 minute shoot time

Up to 2 participants

1 theme


Package 2

6 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Holiday props and decor

Up to 4 participants

2 themes


Package 3

8 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Holiday props and decor

Up to 6 participants

3 themes


Package 4

10 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Holiday props and decor

Up to 8 participants

5 themes



  • We DO NOT supply outfits, so please come outfit ready! Wear whatever you’d like, but we love to keep it fun! 
    • For snow themes:
      • We suggest wearing something warm and cozy to give a realistic look to your winter edits!
    • For themes without snow:
      • We suggest wearing earth tones in your outfit (brown, dark red, dark green, beige, gray) to ensure your family stands out in the photo!


  • The winter scene will look just as advertised! Each client/family will be digitally edited into the winter-themed background of their choice; the blankets and pillows will not be seen in the final product
    • Scroll down to the Unedited Photo Power Package for more details
  • All sessions will be held at a shady, outdoor location—again, the location will not look like what is shown in the cover photo! These backgrounds shown are edited in by a professional photoshop artist! 

Let's talk!

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