Mini Unicorn Photoshoots

Would you love to see your little one glowing in an enchanting fairytale scene? Step into a land of mythical creatures, princess daydreams, and endless imagination. We are headed your way to offer our dreamy, adorable Mini Unicorn Photoshoots!


These sessions include:

  • A friendly, lovable live unicorn (a light-colored pony dressed in flowers and unicorn horn)
  • A dreamlike wooden flower swing
  • Aesthetic-matching flower crowns for session use
  • Stylish pink couch to pose on
  • An ethereal, whimsical photo editing style to bring the scene to life


If you are interested in having access to all your unedited photos, or opting in for a fashion consultation, make sure to check out our add-ons on the booking page!



Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of coupon codes. Enter the code at checkout to receive $20 off (only applicable for the first 7 bookings)!


Solo Package 1

5 ethereal edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in shoot

Poses with flower crowns, flower swing, pink couch, and live mini unicorn


Solo Package 2

7 ethereal edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in shoot

Poses with flower crowns, flower swing, pink couch, and live mini unicorn


Siblings Package 1

6 ethereal edited photos

30 minute shoot time

2 people in shoot

Poses with flower crowns, flower swing, pink couch, and live mini unicorn


Siblings Package 2

8 ethereal edited photos

30 minute shoot time

3 people in shoot

Poses with flower crowns, flower swing, pink couch, and live mini unicorn

Not ready to book just yet? No problem!

We understand that scheduling a session might not be in your immediate plans, and that’s perfectly fine!

We’d love to keep you in the loop about this event and also remind you closer to the event if we have spots left available. Simply click the link below to join our waitlist, and we’ll send you a friendly reminder a few weeks before the next photoshoot.

Important Note: While our waitlist is a great way to stay informed, we can’t guarantee immediate availability for upcoming photoshoots. These sessions tend to fill up quickly!

If you’re already feeling excited and ready to capture your memories, we highly recommend booking a session today to secure your spot. 



  • Best suggested age range for this shoot: Ages 1-16 (girls or boys are adorable with this theme!)
  • We will provide lovely flower crowns available for use for all ages.
  • We do not supply an outfit, so please come outfit-ready! 
    • We recommend princess dresses, summer dresses, or formal clothing.
    • We suggest browsing on Amazon for affordable, adorable princess-like outfits, or to simply find outfit inspiration!
  • Please ensure your little one is comfortable and excited about interacting with a live pony!
    • We will not be able to provide a refund or reschedule if your child is uncomfortable with the pony. We will do everything in our power to encourage your child to smile and giggle throughout the shoot, but if they are scared of the pony, the photos will not look as advertised.
    • However, we can accommodate by finishing the session further away from the pony if your child prefers!
  • ARTISTIC DISCLAIMER:Every photoshoot is a unique experience. Our website and social media features a taste of the art we have created and the style we shoot and edit in so our skill set can be seen, but we cannot guarantee exact replication of these art pieces. This means your photos may not look exactly alike to our previous photoshoots! Each location, set of props, costuming and design, live animal, and editing style is personal to its particular shoot. Plus, you, as the model, are unique in yourself—individuality is something we encourage, and you may feel more at home being yourself than trying to replicate something else! If you have any questions about the specifics of your photoshoot, please do not hesitate to email us. Here at Wild Artistry, each photo is an entirely unique work of art that we put love and effort into making as special as possible. Because of this, we do not mass produce exact replications of any one picture. We ask that clients who book with us be open to having a one-of-a-kind experience that is unique to them, and that they be considerate of any differences in aesthetic or final product. If you do want something similar to what we’ve done in the past, you are welcome to kindly make our photographer and editors aware of which pieces of our art inspires you, and this can help us make your vision come to life. Thank you!


You will receive an email from us the Monday before your shoot that will include the address, details, reminders, and important info regarding your photoshoot. Please provide a valid email address upon booking!


Coupon Codes

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