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Mini Bohemian Beach Photoshoots

Beautiful bohemian decor curated with love and care by our owner, Hannah, we invite you to bask in the beauty of natural-chic aesthetics, free-spirited vibes, and handmade arches that weave a tapestry of enchantment with our Mini Bohemian Beach Photoshoots.
Ideal for families, expectant mothers, couples seeking an engagement backdrop, or those wanting to celebrate their unique selves solo, these sessions promise to freeze in time the magic of the moment. Let these sessions be the canvas on which your story unfolds, capturing the essence of your free spirit and the artistry of handmade arches and decor by our dedicated owner, Hannah.


See below for eligible locations and coupon codes. Enter code at checkout and you will receive $20 off if you are one of the first 7 bookings.

St. Petersburg, FL use coupon code MBBSTP


Package 1

4high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

1 person in photoshoot


Package 2

5 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Up to 3 people in photoshoot


Package 3

6 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Up to 5 people in photoshoot


Package 4

8 high resolution edited photos

30 minute shoot time

Up to 8 people in photoshoot


  • We do not supply an outfit, so please come outfit-ready!
    • This background is welcoming and versatile, so dress for what makes you feel confident!
    • Plain or patterned, formal or casual, and matching or assorted will look excellent for this shoot—it is all based on your preference!
    • Color recommendations: Earth tones, mustard, navy blue, maroon, grey, brown, hunter green, white, beige, or black.


You will receive an email from us the Monday before your shoot that will include the address, details, reminders, and important info regarding your photoshoot. Please provide a valid email address upon booking!


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