Private Editing Class with Liv

(Lightroom Classic and Photoshop)


Class Price: $50 per 30 minutes

These classes can either be online or in-person.


Learn the art of photo editing directly from Wild Artistry Owner and Lead Editor, Liv.


Liv has personally trained each of the Wild Artistry Editors to where they are now and is prepared to share these same teaching techniques with you! She is also an experienced social media influencer who can guide you in creating a balanced color aesthetic or bringing out the beauty in your models.


These private sessions are catered to your needs—whether you’re just starting out and want a comprehensive introduction, or you’re looking to take your editing skills to the next level.


From creating a balanced, professional aesthetic to crafting daring, digital art, we’d love to guide you stylistically, technically, or both!


Your Private Editing Class can include Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, or both. If you have interest in learning something specific, just let us know—we’d be happy to delve into it!


Email [email protected] to inquire now, or select the button below!

Or text us at  833 – 254 – 6180




  • These classes can either be online (via screenshare in Zoom), or in-person in St. Pete, FL.
  • The price is $50 per 30 minutes—they can be as long or as short as you require.
  • Please ensure you have Lightroom Classic and Photoshop downloaded before your class (either, or both, depending on what you want to learn).
  • Our Cancellation Policy applies—this class is non-refundable, but is creditable up to a certain period of time before the class. Before booking, please review the policy below, as well as our Terms & Conditions!

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