Animal / Goddess Combination Package


Are you a true inner goddess, but crave an animal addition to fully express your wild side? This add-on allows you to combine our Mother Earth Goddess theme and our Spirit Guides: Sacred Animal theme!

By combining these themes, you will be adorned in full homemade goddess costuming, with a goddess dress, goddess headpiece, and lovely leaves and flowers, in addition to having a high-quality, realistic animal of your choice edited into your photos! You may choose any goddess theme and any animal combination for your photo.

Goddess options: Gaia, Lavender, Rose, or Sunflower

You can choose almost any land animal to be edited into your photo! Our most popular animals include: Lion, tiger, jaguar, owl, bear, deer.



NOTE: The base package you choose will correspond with the additional package combined. This add-on combines goddess styling with a realistic animal in your photo(s)—the number of edited photos you receive will not change.

1. For instance, Goddess Package 1 will correspond with Sacred Animal Package 1

2. So for this package, you will receive 2 photos with dramatic edits, and 1 photo with a realistic animal edited in, along with handmade goddess costuming and styling in each photo

3. Goddess Package 2 will correspond with Sacred Animal Package 2, and Goddess 3 with Sacred 3, etc.