Fashion Consultation


Feeling lost before your big day? Have you torn through your entire closet looking for the right outfit? Are you pouring over every Amazon page seeking last-minute fashion inspo?

Worry no longer—we have a professional fashion consultant on hand to alleviate your worries, help you along the way, and design your look to perfection!



Even with the finest staging, posing, and editing, an outfit-gone-wrong can dramatically affect the overall aesthetic of the image. This can take the form of distracting colors or patterns, bulky or unflattering shapes, or pieces that are counter to your photoshoot’s theme. After many clients requesting a more in-depth guidance, we now offer personalized assistance to help your photos match the aesthetic we advertise.

With this add-on, you’ll have a one-on-one fashion consultation with a skilled Wild Artistry costume designer. This consultation can last up to 15 minutes, and will take place over the phone, via FaceTime, or on Zoom, depending on your preference. This is a flexible and client-specific consultation, where you will receive the consultant’s personalized suggestions and recommendations for your look and your shoot, as well as an outfit comparison or review of the options you’re weighing (in your closet, or online). Your fashion consultant can help you with whatever desired look you’re hoping to achieve—conservative glam, sexy and voluptuous, or sof and simple. They will also provide a rundown of their advice and key takeaways, and may send examples of online suggestions or ideas to model your outfit from.

If you book a fashion consultation, please be prepared with photos of the clothing pieces you’re considering, or screenshots from the online vendors. If you have no idea where to start—don’t fret! That’s why we’re here 🙂 If you feel particularly inspired by one advertised Wild Artistry look, or you’re hoping to emulate a specific photo, please let us know so we can keep that in mind.