Mother Earth Goddess Photoshoot Package 1


Bookable dates:

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Oct. 12- St Petersburg

Oct 13 – Denver, CO

Additional Add-Ons

Check your desired add-on to add it to your package!

Additional Mother Earth Goddess Edits

Are you craving more edits than what’s included in your current package? Feel free to add on exactly what you’d like—whether that be more animals in your current photos, another gorgeous goddess pic you just can’t get over, or an entirely new dramatic edit with an animal by your side!

Additional Dramatic Edit Photo — $15
1. Add an additional dramatic goddess edit to your package (no animal)

Additional Animal to an Existing Photo — $25
1. Add an animal of your choice to one of your existing photos that’s included in your purchased package
2. Your new animal can be added to a current animal photo (to have two animals in one photo) or to one of your dramatic edit photos (that does not currently have an animal)
3. You can add the same animal or a different animal to your existing photo

Additional Dramatic Edit Photo with Animal — $40
1. Add an additional dramatic animal edit to your package
2. This is an additional dramatic goddess photo that includes a realistic animal of your choice added in
3. You can add the same animal or a different animal to your new photo

Unedited Photos Power Package

More than 90% of our clients choose this upgrade!

With this add on, you keep all of the high quality unedited photos and have the opportunity to pick the photos we will edit!

Without this package, only the allotted number of edited photos will be given to the client, and our editors will carefully choose what they believe are the best photos out of your gallery to edit.

However, if you would like to have the power to pick the photos which will be edited, and the power to choose your favorite photos of yourself, we highly recommend this package.

With this package, you can keep hundreds of high quality, unedited photos taken by our professional photographers—this can range from 100 photos to 400 photos!

How this works:

1. We will create a Pixieset link for you with all of your unedited photos.
2. On this site, you can download your photos in full quality and keep as many as you’d like, as well as make a “Favorites” list.
3. By creating a Favorites list, you are choosing the photos we will edit for you, and you can even leave comments on each photo within the list with any specific editing requests!


Are you on a tight timeline? Do you need your finished photos for a special date? Ensure the quickest possible turnaround and expedite your final edits with this add-on!

Final edited photos returned 2 weeks from photoshoot date — $50

Final edited photos returned 1 week from photoshoot date — $100

This expedited deadline is absolutely achievable through the hard work from the Wild Artistry team, but requires prompt communication with the client to ensure this deadline is met! If you do not believe adequate communication can be maintained, we do not recommend this add-on.

Exclusions apply. This add-on is non-refundable in these circumstances:

Proper communication was not received from the client, resulting in delayed receipt of the final product

The client did not communicate before the shoot about whether/not they were purchasing the Unedited Photos Power Package, resulting in a delayed receipt of the final product

The client’s Favorite list was not provided in the necessary time frame (given they bought the Unedited Photos Power Package), resulting in a delayed receipt of the final product

The client required additional editing requests or revisions after the met deadline, resulting in a delayed receipt of the final product

Though incredibly rare, if extenuating circumstances prevent us from delivering your final edited photos in the requested time frame, we will provide an immediate refund for this add-on.

Animal / Goddess Combination Package

Are you a true inner goddess, but crave an animal addition to fully express your wild side? This add-on allows you to combine our Mother Earth Goddess theme and our Spirit Guides: Sacred Animal theme!

By combining these themes, you will be adorned in full homemade goddess costuming, with a goddess dress, goddess headpiece, and lovely leaves and flowers, in addition to having a high-quality, realistic animal of your choice edited into your photos! You may choose any goddess theme and any animal combination for your photo.

Goddess options: Gaia, Lavender, Rose, Sunflower, Winter

You can choose almost any land animal to be edited into your photo! Our most popular animals include: Lion, tiger, jaguar, owl, bear, deer

NOTE: The base package you choose will correspond with the additional package combined. This add-on combines goddess styling with a realistic animal in your photo(s)—the number of edited photos you receive will not change.
1. For instance, Goddess Package 1 will correspond with Sacred Animal Package 1
2. So for this package, you will receive 2 photos with dramatic edits, and 1 photo with a realistic animal edited in, along with handmade goddess costuming and styling in each photo
3. Goddess Package 2 will correspond with Sacred Animal Package 2, and Goddess 3 with Sacred 3, etc.