• FREE with the purchase of two classes 
  • A bundle of 5 homemade presets:
    • Beach, Jungle, Vintage, Bright & Airy, and Warm & Cozy


Photography Class Details: 

  • These classes are taught online via the Zoom platform and are 1 hour in length
  • Classes are either taught by Hannah or Liv, email us if you were hoping to have a specific instructor to learn which classes are with who!
  • Please read through the description of what is offered in your desired  class to determine your skill level based on our standards, as the words “beginner/intermediate/advanced” are subjective to each person. 
    • Beginner is the best class if you have little to no knowledge of Lightroom or Photoshop!
    • If you do not  fully understand the concepts listed in the class description, your class experience may be a bit confusing at times! Regardless, you are welcome to join any class you’d like if you’re hoping  to push yourself to absorb more difficult conce