Unedited Photos Power Package


More than 90% of our clients choose this upgrade!

With this add-on, you keep all of the high-quality unedited photos and have the opportunity to pick the photos we will edit!

Without this package, only the allotted number of edited photos will be given to the client, and our editors will carefully choose what they believe are the best photos out of your gallery to edit.

However, if you would like to have the power to pick the photos which will be edited, and the power to choose your favorite photos of yourself, we highly recommend this package.

With this package, you can keep hundreds of high-quality, unedited photos taken by our professional photographers—this can range from 100 photos to 400 photos!



How this works:

1. We will create a Pixieset link for you with all of your unedited photos.
2. On this site, you can download your photos in full quality and keep as many as you’d like, as well as make a “Favorites” list.
3. By creating a Favorites list, you are choosing the photos we will edit for you, and you can even leave comments on each photo within the list with any specific editing