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Every client is expected to review our Terms and Conditions prior to booking with us.




Under U.S. law, the Copyright Act of 1976 grants exclusive rights to any images and digital photographic files taken for Wild Artistry Photography (hereby referred to as “Wild Artistry”) to the company, Wild Artistry. This grants Wild Artistry the ability to reproduce any photograph, derive future works from any photograph, distribute photographic copy for public sale or transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending, as well as display the photograph publicly. This includes photos taken during any Wild Artistry events, sessions, or private bookings. 

Upon receiving digital files (unedited or edited) the client(s) (hereby referred to as “client,” which includes anyone involved or featured as a subject of a Wild Artistry photoshoot session, regardless of who made the booking) is granted permission for personal use, but not commercial use. Personal use includes making prints, posting on a website, or posting on social media. Wild Artistry does not permit images taken by any Wild Artistry event-contracted photographer to be shared with other photography studios, freelance individuals, and/or editing professionals—for altercation, reproduction, or resale—to guarantee protection of the authenticity of the art. 

The client may not transfer or sell usage agreement to any other parties, and only the client has permission to use the images. Wild Artistry images and digital photo files cannot be manipulated significantly (any editing that would change the artistic style of the photograph). The client is not permitted to sell Wild Artistry prints, digital files, or images, nor send files or photos to other websites, magazines, or vendors without distinct and prior permission from Wild Artistry.





The client must provide full payment of the chosen listed package for the specific chosen event and/or private session (hereby referred to as “package payment”) to secure their photoshoot session with Wild Artistry.

A package payment is non-refundable. Upon payment of the necessary rescheduling fee, a package payment is generally creditable, within the parameters outlined in the following Refund/Cancellation/Reschedule Policy section.



Add-Ons must be paid for in full via Paypal, credit or debit card, cash, or cash payment app to Wild Artistry, either at the time of booking, or on the day of the event, depending on the specific add-on’s given conditions. Add-Ons are non-refundable, unless otherwise discussed or offered by a Wild Artistry team member. 

In the case of Makeup/Hair services, the client must pay a $5 non-refundable deposit either at the time of booking, or at a time prior to the photoshoot date via external link, to reserve a makeup artist (hereby referred to as “MUA”) and makeup/hair session for their upcoming photoshoot. If multiple people in one booking group intend on receiving makeup services, each person must pay the $5 reservation deposit to ensure an additional MUA is available for the client’s time slot. If these conditions are not met, Wild Artistry cannot guarantee the availability of MUAs for an event. 

On the day of the photoshoot, the price listed next to the desired service (on the event booking page or provided external link) must be paid directly to the artist on the day of the photoshoot. Aside from the online, pre-paid deposit, all makeup and hair services must be paid directly to the MUA on the day of the event through the artist’s preferred method of payment (typically via cash, card, or cash payment app, such as Venmo, Cashapp, or PayPal).

Certain add-ons, such as Makeup/Hair, are only available for select events. Availability of specific add-ons are typically listed in the specific photoshoot event description. In rare occasions, Makeup/Hair services will not be available, despite the event description’s inclusion of this add-on. In these circumstances, Wild Artistry will notify clients in advance of the unavailability of these services. The unavailability of Makeup/Hair services, or the similar unavailability of another add-on, does not warrant a refund of the purchased event. However, if a $5 deposit was made to reserve an MUA at a client’s upcoming event, the $5 deposit will be refunded in full to that client. 

If receiving Makeup/Hair services, clients must arrive at the designated photoshoot location an hour and a half prior to the client’s selected shoot time to ensure completion of these services, unless otherwise discussed with a Wild Artistry administrative team member. 

All issues or concerns with the MUAs or the work delivered must be addressed with the artists directly. MUAs are not employed by Wild Artistry. By choosing to work with one of the MUAs contracted for our shoots, the client acknowledges that Wild Artistry does not assume responsibility for the quality, ability, nor final product of the makeup/hair. Though contracted MUAs are chosen based on skill and experience, Wild Artistry is not responsible if a client is unhappy or unsatisfied with the appearance of their makeup in the final edited photo files. Wild Artistry is not required to digitally edit nor repair flaws in a client’s makeup via Photoshop. 

Titles to all goods (photography sessions/events, photos/digital files, add-ons, etc.) remain in the possession of Wild Artistry until paid for in full by the client.




All digital photo files (hereby referred to as “photo files”) remain the property of Wild Artistry. All event photo packages include a copy of the edited photo files—the amount of photos will vary depending on the selected package—and these edited photo files will be sent to the client for their own non-commercial use.

Should the photo files be lost, damaged, or destroyed for any reason prior to the client’s receiving of the photo files, the company liability shall be limited to a full refund of event package payments made, but shall not include a refund of any goods (add-ons, etc.) already received.

Once the client receives the photo files through their respective Pixieset link, they are held responsible for the immediate download and preservation of the provided photo files. The link provided with the client’s photo files, and the guaranteed preservation of photo files on company computers, will remain available for 30 days following distribution. After this period, the photo files will be deleted from all systems and assumed unrecoverable.




In the event of cancellation by Wild Artistry Photography due to emergency circumstances, inclement weather, or total photographic failure, liability shall be limited to a full refund of any fees paid or a free reschedule to one future session. The client will be contacted through email with the stated options under these circumstances. 


Mini Photoshoot Events

Wild Artistry does not provide payment refunds, with the exception of 1.) an event cancellation through the company (listed above) or 2.) an extreme circumstance under the company’s discretion. 

From the date of booking until eight days prior to the selected event, the original payment will be credited for another future event upon payment of the $30 reschedule fee, paid in full prior to re-booking the session. If the client cancels within 1 week of the event, there will be an increased reschedule fee of $50. If the client cancels within 48 hours of the event, the event is non-creditable. 

Event payments are creditable under these circumstances, but are otherwise non-refundable and non-creditable. When a client books a shoot/session/event, they are automatically agreeing to this policy. 

Each event is offered on a specific date outlined on the Wild Artistry website. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the possibility of attendance on the date of the desired event prior to booking confirmation. If the client selects an erroneous event date, it may not be possible to accommodate the client or reschedule the session to his/her desired event date, though attempts will be made to reschedule the client when possible. 


Private/Custom Photoshoot Events

Wild Artistry does not provide payment refunds, with the exception of 1.) an event cancellation through the company (see above) or 2.) an extreme circumstance under the company’s discretion. 

From the date of booking until eight days prior to the selected event, the original payment will be credited for another future event upon payment of the $30 reschedule fee, paid in full prior to re-booking the session. If the client cancels within 1 week of the event, there will be an increased reschedule fee of $50. If the client cancels within 48 hours of the event, there will be an increased reschedule fee of $75.

Private photoshoot payments are creditable under these circumstances, but are otherwise non-refundable and non-creditable. By reserving a private session with Wild Artistry, the client is making a commitment and a promise to the artists. This date is reserved solely for the client/group. When a client books a shoot/session/event, they are automatically agreeing to this policy. 


Downloaded Photo Files

Photo files (whether Unedited or Edited) that have been downloaded by the client will not be eligible for any potential refund.

Pixieset indicates when photo files have been downloaded by the client. When a client proceeds to download their photo files, this confirms the satisfaction and acceptance of either their Unedited Photos (the photographer’s work) or their Edited Photos (the final product after shooting and editing). 

After photo files have been downloaded by the client or the client’s party, there is no further eligibility or grounds for refund. Wild Artistry advises that each client carefully review their photos via Pixieset before choosing to download any photo file. This ensures the client is satisfied with their shoot, or their final edited photos. Wild Artistry is not responsible for a client’s decision to prematurely download any photo files before careful, detailed review via Pixieset. 




Photographers & Photo Conditions

The designated photographer contracted for the booked session will be the sole professional photographer at the specified venue. Photographs captured during the course of the event/private session will be at the creative discretion of the photographer. Photographers will attempt to comply with the client’s specific needs and requests, but cannot guarantee every request will be met.  

Due to varying weather conditions, lighting conditions, digital sensor limitations, and other uncontrolled factors that may arise on the day of the shoot, colors may appear altered, and style may differ throughout a photography session. Similarly, colors and style are not guaranteed to be comprehensively consistent with event cover photos or other Wild Artistry event advertisements, though the photographer and photo editors will attempt to produce photos consistent with advertised event photos. 

Unless a specific photographer is inquired about and stated to be contracted for a specific event, the photographer on the day of the event may vary. 

Wild Artistry will provide the photographer’s contact information one week prior to the photoshoot date, to be used for contacting the photographer on the day of the event should any location concerns arise. 


Costuming Liability

For events providing partial costuming, accessories, or handmade headpieces for session use, the client will be held financially responsible for any major damages or destruction to these items. If the client leaves the item(s) in unusable conditions for future use, the client will be held accountable, and immediate payment for the item(s) will be required by the client. The price of the item(s) will be determined by Wild Artistry, contingent upon raw material costs and duration/effort necessary for item construction. These prices will be discussed prior to the use of the materials upon the client’s request for said prices.

For events or sessions that do not provide outfits, accessories, or costumes, Wild Artistry will not be held responsible for costs associated with item(s) purchased by the client for these sessions or events. 

Provided costuming and accessories will vary based on location, availability, and specific photoshoot theme. Wild Artistry does not guarantee availability of specific pieces or outfits, regardless of cover photos or advertisements. It is the client’s responsibility to inquire about costume/accessory availability prior to their upcoming shoot if they are seeking a specific piece. 

Outfit changes are not recommended, and will detract from the client’s allotted 25-30 minute photoshoot time slot. If a client chooses to change outfits, or requests costuming/makeup touch-ups, these alterations must also take place within the client’s allotted time slot. The client will not be awarded additional time, regardless of costuming malfunctions/alterations, or the decision to change outfits mid-shoot. 


Time Slots & Weather

Every client will receive a 25-30 minute photography shoot time slot for events, based on the allotted time for shooting and costuming, with the exception of Private Sessions (with a general 1-hour duration, depending on the predetermined price and booking agreement). 

The client must arrive at the specified time in the provided information messages regarding their event and their time slot, depending on the necessity for add-ons and parking availability for certain locations. Generally, with no add-ons, the client must arrive at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their scheduled shoot time to ensure parking does not present an issue, and the client properly locates the shoot.   

If the client arrives late or at a different time than their specified time slot, the client is not guaranteed their full photoshoot time.

If rain or inclement weather presents an issue during an outdoor event, the photoshoot session may be paused briefly as weather conditions are monitored. The shoot will continue if conditions are deemed acceptable, with no risk of equipment damage, nor client or photographer endangerment due to thunder, lightning, heavy rain, or wind. The photo quality will also be considered when making decisions regarding moving forward with an event after a weather pause. 

Refunds will not be provided for clients claiming the weather is/was unfavorable for the shoot (including, but not limited to, coldness, brightness, or overcast weather). It is the client’s responsibility to check the weather before making the decision to book. 



The provided photoshoot location may be held within a major city, or listed under the “umbrella” of a major city, even if the photoshoot takes place in a nearby location outside of that city. Regardless of the listed umbrella city, the precise photoshoot location is permitted to be held in a smaller subset of the surrounding area (within 1 hour’s typical drive from the city center). Precise location is provided the monday before the photoshoot. It is the client’s responsibility to inquire about specific location details if needed sooner than the specified date.

Photoshoots may take place at either an indoor or outdoor location, depending on the specific photoshoot theme and Wild Artistry’s artistic discretion. Though typically specified in the outlined photoshoot event description, it is up to the photographer and Wild Artistry administrative staff’s professional discretion to make the final decision. 

Photoshoot facilities may vary based on location, availability, and photoshoot theme suitability. Wild Artistry guarantees a viable photoshoot location, but does not guarantee bathroom facilities, changing rooms, wash-off centers, or specific indoor amenities. Aesthetic appearance (tropical, desert, rural, etc.) will vary based on state and location, and may not match specific advertised cover photos. Wild Artistry guarantees a professional photographer and signature editing style to match advertised photos, but background and location space may vary based on location. 




Any instruction or direction given to the client during a shoot is to be taken at the client’s own risk and responsibility. Wild Artistry is not responsible for any personal accident, injury, or sickness occurring during a photoshoot. This includes any occurrence at a photoshoot location, as a result of photographer direction or admin/staff advice, costuming or prop interference, COVID-19 or other illness, or transportation to/from a photoshoot location. If the shoot involves live animals, the client assumes all responsibility not covered by Wild Artistry’s animal liability insurance for any injury or accident associated with interaction with the live animal. 




On the Monday following a client’s shoot, the client will receive a message containing any necessary follow-up information, along with the anticipated delivery dates for the photo files. 

If the client selects the Unedited Photos Power Package Add-On, the client will receive all unedited photo files within 7-10 days following the shoot. The client will then be responsible for selecting their favorite photos by a specified date for the contracted editors to work on and complete before their respective deadlines. Once the client selects their photos, the selection is permanently submitted and cannot be changed.

The edited photo files take approximately 21 days to complete and deliver to clients following their shoot. If the client selects their photos after their given photo selection deadline, the completed (edited) photo files are not guaranteed by this original delivery deadline. 

Wild Artistry typically delivers photo files in JPG file format, but does not guarantee final edited photo files in any particular file format. Wild Artistry will not provide RAW files. 

If the client is unsatisfied with any image edits and desires revisions, it is the client’s responsibility to contact Wild Artistry immediately via email. The notice of dissatisfaction and desired revision must be made within 7 days of receiving the final edited photo files, or revisions may not be possible. Wild Artistry is not, however, required to accept photo revision requests, regardless of if the requests are made within this period. Editors may accept and complete revisions under situational discretion. If the editors do decide to revise photo files, they will not complete more than 3 revisions on any particular photo set. 




Every photoshoot is a unique experience. The Wild Artistry website and social media accounts feature examples of the art, design, shooting style, and editing ability possible and previously created by Wild Artistry. However, Wild Artistry cannot guarantee exact replication or imitation of any former art pieces or advertised photos. Each location, set of props, costuming and design, live animal, and editing style is specific to its particular shoot. All questions regarding a photoshoot’s specific details must be requested by the client. 

Each photo is an entirely unique work of art. Wild Artistry does not mass produce exact replications of any one picture. By booking with Wild Artistry, clients are acknowledging their understanding and openness to the uniqueness and individuality of their experience, and are accepting of any differences in aesthetic or final product. If a client desires a similar aesthetic or style to a past work, it is the client’s responsibility to respectfully make the photographer and admin aware of the specific pieces they are hoping to emulate.

If a client does not inquire about editing requests via email (or Pixieset, if the client bought the Unedited Photos Power Package add-on), they are granting Wild Artistry full artistic freedom when editing their photo files. Though photographers are excellent resources for posing and framing considerations for future editing, discussions held with photographers are not considered formal editing requests. Specific requests must be discussed with Wild Artistry admin in written form, such as email or Pixieset (if they bought the Unedited Photos Power Package). 




Wild Artistry reserves the right to refuse service to any potential or previous client based on the company’s discretion, especially if a member of the administrative staff, a contracted photographer, MUA, or editor feels disrespected or unsafe in any capacity. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Wild Artistry does not discriminate on the basis of a client’s status of their protected class. Wild Artistry does not discriminate or refuse service to any client based on their race, color, national origin, sex (pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), or religion. 


Editing Requests

All editing requests are fulfilled or denied at the discretion of Wild Artistry. Unless distinctly discussed prior to booking, Wild Artistry reserves the right to decline any editing request for any reason seen fit. This includes any request deemed inappropriate, overly complex, or impossible to achieve. Wild Artistry reserves the right to charge additional costs for editing requests that are outside of what is distinctly described in the photoshoot description (and included in the purchased package). Editors will not complete body modification requests for subjects/clients knowingly under the age of 18. Editors will typically not change, add, or subtract clothing items.




As both Wild Artistry and its clients continue to adjust to the drastic and difficult repercussions of COVID-19, Wild Artistry is making every effort to ensure care and clarity in creating a policy that is fair for both the client, and the business. One of the largest areas of concern for small businesses lies in weighing the decision between waiving cancellation policies due to a positive COVID test result, versus the decision to remain firm in the stated cancellation policy—thus preserving the monetary survival of the business. Wild Artistry empathizes with the extenuating circumstances clients face in potentially losing money spent on a shoot due to this pandemic. However, the workers contracted for these shoots are continuing to run the event—despite any last-minute cancellation from one client—and it is the company’s  responsibility to pay these workers the compensation they deserve despite any last-minute dropouts. Each time a client cancels last-minute, Wild Artistry still must compensate each photographer, the location owner, the vendors, and many other behind-the-scenes employees whose work often goes unnoticed, all without any opportunity for a new client to book that reserved spot. Wild Artistry cannot make an exception for one last-minute cancellation, because it is responsible for the successful photoshoot for every other client on that day. Because of these factors, it is simply not feasible for Wild Artistry to continue allowing last-minute cancellation exceptions for a positive COVID test result. To avoid losing their booking payment, clients are advised to do everything in their power to stay safe during these unprecedented times. We strongly suggest getting vaccinated, wearing masks daily, and staying away from unnecessary public events for at least two weeks prior to the client’s photoshoot.


COVID-19 Reschedule Policy

If the client provides a positive COVID test, dated within 48 hours of their photoshoot date (prior to the date, or directly following the date), this client may reschedule with a $75 reschedule fee. This is the lowest possible fee Wild Artistry can offer to amend the amount lost for each last-minute COVID cancellation, and to ensure the business stays profitable and can continue serving other clients. 



Upon booking or placing an order, this acknowledges that you have read and understood the Wild Artistry Photography Terms and Conditions in its entirety and agree to abide by it as it is listed above.


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